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Data Analyst

I help companies discover patterns in their (operational) data and move from data insight to business recommendation. I support teams through data analysis and visualization of results (e.g., Python, R, Google Data Studio, ELK stack).

My speciality is social (organizational) network analysis.

Speaker and Teacher

I help people develop a data mindset through workshops and mentoring. At the end, learners will have formualted a purpose-driven data strategy, and have created the right team to implement it.

System Thinker

I support individuals and teams working on complex project, thiking through decisions, and considering alternatives.

My current projects

A project is a short or long term venture that is aligned with my current interests or learning goals. Not all generates money, but all help me grow.

How to make friends as an adult

A series of essays and exercises on friendships and community. I just started and don't know the exact shape of this. Might be a book, a website or a course. You can pre-order it, and shape the final product.

New Learning Institutes

We are looking at how innovation in the adult education sector: How are universities or (non)-for-profit organizational innovating? What are they doing different? The goal is to see if there are lessons for others.

Journal Analyzer (paused)

Reflecting is good and helpful, but do you know how impactful it is? I created a simple app that tells me how positive my text is. The next step is to decide if I want to improve the website (it looks awful) or if I want to turn it into an Obsidian plugin so that it works better with my workflow.

Your Team-map (closed)

I created a tool for teams to better understand how they are connected to each other. The idea is simple: When moving around in a city, you use a map. So why not also use a map to navigate your team. I learned a lot about Python and AWS while building it. I closed the project as I was approaching it without the user in mind. Happy to re-open it, if there is a team who wants to try it out.

Human-Matter (closed)

We helped people reflect on certain areas of their life, and through this get clarity and structure. In other words: Sort out the mess of thoughts in their head. Our newsletter dived into a behavioral science concept and provided practical tips. We offered two products:

  1. Restory Masterclass, a seven-day email course on reflective journaling. More than 50 people subscribed to our email sequence and our open rate is above 50% for the first six emails. You can still subscribe and increase the impact journaling has on your life.
  2. Restory//Annual, a series of thinking-questions to help you reflect on the past year and plan for the next. The questions are based on the burnout model.

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